B2B Preventative Maintenance Programs

You change the oil on the trucks, change the plugs and filters routinely, but what about all the stuff on the back that you use to make your money?  You take care of the big stuff, and it will get you to the job site every time. 

The issue is:   will the stuff in back work? 

 The compressor, pumps, drills, generators, welders and all that equipment exposed to the elements, cooking in the sun.  Will it work?  What are you loosing in man hours and production when it doesn't.  We bet it's a lot more than the cost to have us to it for you and you to have the peace of mint that it was done.
We have two programs to help you keep support equipment like pumps, generators and compressors running well. 

Small Engine Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Inventory of equipment and truck/equipment relationships
  • Interviews with operators, and key staff to determine current use and development of a preventative maintenance program and schedule
  • Identification of the oil, filters, plugs and gas additives needed 
  • Kitting of parts labeled with the equipment or truck number and date of required service
  • Training on good maintenance and operator checks
  • Significant reduction in our standard shop labor rates and pickup and delivery costs for repairs when you need our help
  • Priority shop breakdown support, parts research and reduced cost for new equipment

 Minimum Membership Criteria

Sign up 5 pieces of equipment

On a Monthly for the service kits



Membership Benefits

Repair Work Priority in Shop

10% off New Equipment and Parts

Free Training Program for Operator Maintenance

20% discount on labor

Free pick up and delivery during

Preventative maintenance Kit delivery runs

How it works
We will take inventory of your fleet and once a month come to your motor pool and change all the filters, plugs, and oils.    We will oil the cables, and check the belts.  In addition we will stabilize the fuel to make sure that it does not go bad.  If we find anything, we will tell you.  All this before it fails!
we can work with you also and participate in your training and explain on a regular basis the importance of keeping the equipment running and share tips and tricks they should know when they run into issues
Normally this service occurs when the fleet has returned to the home office, during safety meetings but when convenient for you.   It can also be done as the fleet comes into town at our shop on a routine and scheduled basis.  The operators simply pull into the store and we perform the preventative service and they go on home afterwards.  Quick and easy.
We will send you a package in the mail on a routine basis that contains all the parts you need for the tune up on a specific piece of equipment.  The package will be individualized for the  equipment and contain specific information on what the parts are dedicated to, when the service needs to be completed and the instructions and procedures on what to do. 
We still will visit your site or produce videos specific to your equipment for you to use at your company to train and improve your programs.
You give the package to your mechanic, they do the service.  Show the videos to the crews and they are trained.  Too easy.
These services do not cost an arm and a leg and we do it within our normal pricing structures.  We just want to be a partner in your success, and have a solid relationship of routine business.
You can not afford to have a 5.00 filter or plug, 30 miles from the shop stop you from repairing a $50,000 job.  The priority will always be that big job and its hard to remember the little stuff.  -That's what we do at Carlsbad Small Engine, the little stuff .......Let us remember for you.