How to pick our side by side tires

Side by side tires make the side-by-side world go round at Carlsbad Small Engine.  They can be confusing if you have no idea what you’re doing.  We are here to help!    We have them in stock and we get asked all the time how much does a set of tires cost for an ATV or side by side.  Our answer usually is we have no idea because every tire and every side by side uses a different styles thicknesses and sizes.  This week’s article is to help you so that when you come by or call us you know what to do and what you want.


First know one size will not fit all. Tires come in many sizes.  On the side of the tire in big bold font the tire size will be displayed.  Usually, the tires in front may be a different size than the back.  Side to side they are the same.  Write those numbers down.


Should be something like 25x10x12. Three sets of numbers.   You can go bigger or smaller on the width and height but the last number is the rim size and that must be exact.  Understand that is you choose to change the tire size, it impacts the performance of the unit and may actually cause your parts like bearings, bushings belts and other wearable items to wear out faster.  It can also cause steering and rubbing issues.   May look cool but create a lot of issues.


Second, you need to see what is the PLY rating.  This is how thick the tire is.  Generally, they range from 4 to 12 ply. The higher the rating the less likely you will get a flat.  The higher the ply, the heavier the tire is because of material use and cost.  If you’re a normal rider, tent to avoid running straight over mesquite, a 6 ply or 8 ply is good.  If you are aggressive like a surveyor or use the unit professionally cross country then up the game to a 10 or 12 ply.  Just be ready for the prices as 12 ply tires are costly and also hard to mount.  Dealers will often charge more because of the time it takes to mount them. 


Oh, and about the powder coat rims, they might get scratched up a little and there is very little that can be done to prevent it as the plastic protectors can scratch and there is an incredible amount of pressure on the machine when mounting tires especially thick plys.  Using hand tools almost guarantees damage.  Most dealers will require a simple release saying that there may be damage on the edges.  No more or less than will happen rolling around but it can happen.  Usually, they will paint with a filler to fill or fix scratched of they can be fixed.  Just be prepared, it can happen and will eventually.


You also need to choose the style of the tread.  Some treads are good in mud, sand road or gravel environments.  You have to get a tire that supports your riding style.  The type of tread will impact how the unit rides and how it performs in different environments.   Have a discussion with the salesman if you ride mostly on hard surfaces, sand, dirt or rocks.


Splurge and get a good tire sealant to make sure that if you do get a hole, it instantly seals.  Dealership sealant is different and can be much better than generic stuff.  It really doesn’t cost much but saves you the headache of having a tire go flat in the middle of nowhere most times. 


Often tires will need to be ordered.  We stock many styles brands and plys in stock but generally can get off- sizes the next day.  So, plan ahead and swing by to look at the options, bring an idea of what you want and what size you will need and we can generally get you set up on you. 


Come visit the store at Carlsbad Small Engine 2310 W Church or call us 5758852788 

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