Junk in the Garage

Every year we buy new stuff.  I know my garage is full of kits, parts and tools I always have needed and never use.  It is hard sometimes to even know what I have still in the garage.  I can’t stand having chargers to drills I don’t have anymore, or drills with batteries that the chargers are missing.

Out with the junk.  The jig saws without blades, the drills that don’t work, broken screw drivers and hammers that the handle just need to be replaced.  Its it going to happen and this year.   I am not going to pretend I will be mysteriously possessed by the fix it monster and am going to actually do anything ever with this stuff.

My New Year’s Resolution is to clean up all this  and get rid of the spaghetti tangle of cords and hoses.  Out with all the broken tools, anything missing parts, the old paint, solvents and plaster and make my shop usable again at home.  I kept it all with good intentions.  Well laid plans and  I know I knew what the reason was for keeping that can of glue, paint or mystery screw then when I carefully saved it in the garage.  The problem is I have slept more than twice since then and now have forgotten the why I have it .

I would get some of the wall hangers for tools and this time use them to proudly display my collection of wrenches and screw drivers.  I would install strips for power all around the garage, and lights.  Yes, lots of lights.  I think I should have cabinets, with doors and shelves.  And most of all a place to hang and store equipment.  I want a fridge filled with beer, cold and waiting and a table to gather the boys and play cards with a big screen with the game on.

Retreating now from this fantasy, reality sinks in.  It seems I have had lots of good intentions in the past by the amount of stuff I have collected, lost dreams of past resolutions.

So this year I am going to start small and focus on being able to see the walls and floors first.  This is not a spring cleaning, this is a whole out purging.  Once purged is complete and the neighbor hood teenage boys employed to assist in this task are paid, the spring clean up should be a snap and then maybe, just maybe I’ll hang some cabinets and begin to live the dream and creat the perfect garage.

So there you have it.    Get on it and have a great New Year

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