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Harold's Helpful Hints: Flush debris from the bowl

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  <=== Click here to check out our selection of carburetors Stuff that passes in the gas to the carburetor will accumulate in the bowl and block the port. Drop the bowl occasionally and allow some of the buildup get out before it is forced into the carburetor. We will flush the system during the tune up. Bring it on by or schedule a pick up online or by phone. We have a lot of small engine and mower parts at Carlsbad small Engine or online at carlsbadsmallengine.com 2310 W Church Carlsbad, NM 88220 575-885-2788 Pickup and delivery is also...

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Harold's Helpful Hints: Change the Fuel Filter with the Gas Change

CARLSBAD SMALL ENGINE carlsbadnm carlsbadsmallengine gokartparts gokarts lawnmowerparts small town business smallenginerepair

   <==== Click here for all of our fuel filters   Throughout the years that you have your mower, the fuel tank will collect dirt and debris. The material can flow with the fuel into the carburetor of your mower and block your fuel flow, sometimes totally, which will cause your mower to run poorly or not start. Replace the fuel filters on trimmers, riders, and other small engines every tune-up. We sell fuel filters at Carlsbad Small Engine at 2310 W. Church St. Carlsbad, NM 88220 (575) 885-2788 or online at www.carlsbadsmallengine.com Lawn mower, compressor, and go kart repair and vintage small engine parts. You break...

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Are small town stores fading away? by Carlsbad Small Engine and Ask the Mower guy

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Harold's Helpful Hints: How to pick a leaf blower -By ask the mowerguy and Carlsbad Small Engine


There are many different marketing tricks that companies will be used to get you to choose one brand over another.   Slick designs, a pretty spokesman, ease of this or that. In general all that matters is price,  the weight that you can handle, and what is the maximum volume of air it will blow. I begin by deciding what I can afford.  I can wish all I want for a better tool but unless I have the money, I cant have it.  Secondly, I like to pick it up and handle the blower.  If you have arthritis you might consider...

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