Buy the Perfect Christmas Dirt bike this year @Carlsbad Small Engine

So you want to buy the kid a dirt bike this year.  There are some things you need to consider when making your purchases.  Get it wrong and you can create a very disappointing situation where the unit is simply too powerful, too big or the opposite underpowered and undersized.  Wait too long and it just might not be available.

When looking at the toy, size up the kid to the unit.  For the bikes can they hold the handlebars and still operate the brake or are their hands too small to grip the handles.  Height is always an issue.  But some people have long upper body and stubby legs or the opposite.  All bikes publish the height to the seat, compare that to their inseam, should be close.   Can their feet operate the foot controls and at rest place their feet on the ground for stability, or are they on their tippy toes about to fall over all, unstable?  Are their knees comfortable or are they scrunching up on a small bike with their knees way up?

There are recommended age stickers that should be followed.  The recommended age is not just how big the unit is but how powerful and fast it is.  Even though you have a big kid don’t equate size with ability.  A big 12-year-old is still 12 and doesn’t need to be put on a bike that does 100 miles an hour even though they “fit”. 

Another dirt bike consideration is the gears.  To shift with a clutch or not to shift and buy an automatic.  On the smaller bikes there is an option.  There also is the availability of a semi auto.  That’s a bike with gears but no clutch.  The limiting factor is size, can the child control the clutch and hold the steering, and coordination.  There is a lot going on when shifting, one hand is letting off the throttle all while steering, the opposite foot is shifting a great with their toes, and the left hand is pulling and releasing a clutch lever.  Do all this while moving on uneven terrain and you need practice and coordination.  If your child can’t then don’t force it and buy a simpler bike to enjoy till they have the size and coordination needed to operate it safely.

There is also the availability of electric start and kick start.  If your kiddo is tiny or light and their weight won’t push down the kick starter, you might want to consider a bike with electric start.  Otherwise, you are starting for them and that can be a lot of times as they stall out the unit, fall and just let the engine die.  We sell both at Carlsbad Small Engine.

Regardless of what you buy, make sure to spend extra and buy the gear needed for the type of riding the child plans on doing.  Especially a helmet and gloves.  There are many safety courses online and we can give you links and numbers to call at the shop.   We recommend you watch them. 

The Last thing is to consider availability.  Whether you are buying local from us or shopping online, there is a limited availability.  The supply chain has not caught up with demand yet.  The problem is everything is moving and there is very limited availability for everything from materials to make the parts to people to assemble them or trucks to transport the finished items.

There are only so many trains, planes, ships and trucks to move stuff around, and the system is clogged up.  Bottom line is to buy early.  If you buy from us we will store it till Christmas Eve and make sure it is running and fully assembled.  Last year we had a huge rush just before Christmas because folks had bought late online, and as Christmas approached the shipments didn’t come and they were left hanging.  We added additional capacity but even our stores have a maximum number of units we can stock.  We did add though this year.  Bottom line, buy now for best selection and best pricing.  As Christmas approaches and supply goes down prices go up.  Don’t wait.

We are fully stocked up and will answer any of your questions.  Swing by the shop Carlsbad Small Engine.  We are open Monday to Friday and have a mechanic on Saturday for drop off.  Swing by and look around. 5758852788

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