Harold's Helpful Hints: Check belt slippage

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We sell Fun! 575-885-2788 2310 W Church Carlsbad, NM 88220

If you have not visited the store in a while, your missing out on a whole new Carlsbad Small Engine with Big Tex Trailers, ATV and UTVs from Hisun, Joyner  Renegades, Sand Vipers, dirt bikes and a whole bunch of Hammerhead GoKarts, and much much more.

 Is there a banshee underneath your mower every time you engage the blades? You need to check that the belts are not stretched and are only working half the time. Simply engage the blades and check if the belt is loose. If it is, bring it in and we can fix your mower. You would be surprised by the lost power a bad belt can cause.

Pickup and Delivery is also available.. just click below and let us know where you are!


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