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How do you know when you should replace your favorite politician? This is a pretty common question. I generally answer by saying it’s the same as deciding to change a sparkplug in your mower.

That answer seems appropriate seeing how we are in the midst of an election cycle and it is pretty accurate.

Now, I am not openly endorsing one party or another, Democrat or Republican. I am not saying any particular candidate new or incumbent may be showing some of the signs it time to replace them. I think this advice may help people decide who to vote for. for me its simple because I know engines. Machinery needs precision parts and maintenance so I use a spark plug principle.

Here is how it works.

As a general rule, as a plug gets dirty and stop working all the time, its time for them to go. Basically, if you wont have them at the kitchen table and you feel like you need to wash up after handling them, it might be time to let them go.

Also, if it seems that they don't want to come out, no matter how much pressure you use, leverage or tool, well it might be time to go.

If they have become stuck, dirty and or corroded by time, don't work in the modern machines however good they were in the past, sorry, they must be replaced.

To be sure if it’s time for a change, here is what you do. First, take one out into the light. Take a long and critical look at it from all angles.

Try and remember what it was like when you put it in. After close visual inspection, and recalling how it performed over the period, If it is still as clean and shiny, and up to this point has been working pretty good, then it should be ok to put back in. A little wear and tear or discoloration is acceptable.

If you notice that is has gotten dirty, a little greasy, does not seem to be doing as good a job as when you first got it, is hard to get the old engine going, just don't seem the same as in the past, then replace it.

There are a variety of providers of different styles and brands, but in the end you get exactly what you pay for and most likely its just easier to replace it than to go through all the trouble of trying to clean it off. Who knows the new one may actually do better.


Now as for deciding if you should replace a spark plug, the spark plugs below show what new and used ones look like. A few pictures and a video of good and bad plugs for you to compare the differences. It is a lot easier to determine if its working when installed as the engine they are installed in will simply run.

Not so easy a determination of whats going on in politicians! So good luck.

Bottom line it take a hard look and make sure they are all still working as good as they should be in both cases and you should be ok..

As always, posts you comments or questions. Call us and we will be happy to sell you a plug and mail it to you as for any other part. I hope the pictures and videos help.


Good luck this fall!!

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The Video Lesson
Spark plugs come in many shapes and sizes The most common are the W14LM-u for non OHV, and the Q16PRU-11.  W22 Plugs are used for trimmers and two cycles.  The insulated shank is shorter.
The issue is that plugs work in heat ranges and are different lengths for most applications these are the generic cross over for almost any application and work well
Nippon Denso Spark Plug, w14LM-U (short ended), PLUG, SPARK (NGK B4LM, CHAMPION CJ19LM)

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