Harold's Helpful Hints: Winterize your equipment now and save hundreds later by Carlsbad Small Engine and ask the mower guy

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A cold chill is moving upon us. Nightly a barrage of messages have been flashing on the screen. Schools are shut down, roads closed, and animals start to burrow deep into the earth.  The cold is upon us.

The cold weather plays  havoc on small engines. The temperature changes cause carburetors not to work, condensation and water form in the gas tanks and leave deposits blocking ports. Pistons rust and valves stick.

Drain out all the gas. I mean all the gas, even the gas in the lines.  Run it until all the gas is out.


How to drain bad gas out of a Briggs or Kohler


Then mix up a brand new batch of gas treated with fuel stabilizer.  Pour a little bit in, just enough to get the motor running.  Run for a minute or so and then drain it out at the bowl.  Replace the plug, and spray a little WD 40 in the cylinder to prevent rust.  Go ahead and get a new air filter too and swap it out.  Change the oil and if your really feeling sparky, sharpen the blade. 

Not only will the engine start in the spring, it has a tune up and is ready to go.  This goes for all the small equipment in the shop.  Don't forget your trimmers, hedgers, chainsaws and riders.  They all need some love once and a while.

Try and get non ethanol treated fuel because the ethanol destroys rubber and plastic sitting over the winter.  Kiss the handle, say good night and close the shed doors.

Here are a couple links on this process as a guide:


Need to Buy Parts for this?  Here is the link:  Tune Up Parts



So to keep the gas at the shop and the lights on so we can make these handy dandy videos and Harold's Helpful Hints posts, buy a plug.......   


Click the picture and if nothing else let us send you a speak plug


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