Harold's Helpful Hints: Get the bad gas out

Get the bad gas out of your engines


I live in the South West, and unless its raining a lot, your not mowing or trimming often enough to keep the engine running well.  The problem is the gas.  It will  begin to evaporate due to the heat, and the ethanol may be sitting in the carb causing havoc on you equipment's fuel systems.

If you are having starting issues or it seems to just be sputtering because you have to run you machine on choke, try these simple steps

Now, I have told you many times that you need to winterize your equipment and if you did the equipment is ready to go because the gas you have will be filled with fuel stabilizers that prevent issues before they start.  I like to use:



It does a really good job for us at the shop cleaning out varnishes, buildup and stabilizing the fuels.  Thesre are many types of these additives, this is what I use.  


 For all the rest of you who did nothing to your equipment so far this year,  Here is what you should do.


1. Drop the bowl and get rid of all the gas in the tank and Carburetor. This gets rid of bad gas, and any water in your tank.

2. Spray some brake cleaner in the bottom of the bowl and straight up the middle. This will get rid of most varnishes from bad gas.

3. Change the oil, plug and air filter.

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4. Add new gas. Do not mix new gas with the old gas in the can that been sitting in the garage for 6 months. That is bad gas most likely unless you treated it. It only will last 2-3 months, and the alcohol is wreaking all sorts of havoc in that can. Start fresh for a new season. Your car should be able to handle it, but the mower wont well.

5. Add fuel stabilizer to the gas can as a treatment. Depending on the brand you will add a ounce or two per gallon and the gas wont go bad for 3 years. That means most likely if you do nothing but invest in a small bottle of fuel stabilizers, you equipment will be fine.

I hope that helps. Be sure to visit the carlsbadsmallengine.com web site or the store Carlsbad Small Engine in Carlsbad, NM for all your parts needs, repairs or just to ask a question

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