Harold's Helpful Hints: How to pick a leaf blower -By ask the mowerguy and Carlsbad Small Engine


There are many different marketing tricks that companies will be used to get you to choose one brand over another.   Slick designs, a pretty spokesman, ease of this or that.

In general all that matters is price,  the weight that you can handle, and what is the maximum volume of air it will blow.

I begin by deciding what I can afford.  I can wish all I want for a better tool but unless I have the money, I cant have it.  Secondly, I like to pick it up and handle the blower.  If you have arthritis you might consider a small back pack blower as your hands won’t have to manipulate the blower as much.  Back packs can be very light weight and really easy to handle.   If you lack a lot of arm strength then a battery powered or cord powered blower may be more appropriate.  Electric blowers are almost always lighter, but often have less power or volume of air that it will produce.  Pick a blower that you can envision handling or holding for 30 minutes or more.  The batteries are general Lithium ION which are reliable andtend not to have that memory problem of past generation batteries where ecerytime tou didn't charge it well it lost a little umphff..  Heavy or lighter does not mean its better but they will try to tell you that in the marketing.   That takes us to the next evaluation point.

Look at the volume of air the blowers produce.  It will be on the box.   It is measured in cubic feet per some measurement of time.  Bigger is better.  The bigger the number, the more volume of air the blower is producing.  The more volume of air it moves the harder the air comes out and pushes the leaves.  The hose size has an impact.  Generally the nozzle on less efficient blowers will be nozzles to increase the pressure.  That comes at the price of volume as it is constricted at the end.   Most producers have non constricted ends in the better brands as they want both volume and the pressure.  Look again at the CFM and that will bring apples to apples for the decision.

Finally group the blowers in the same class and after handling them pick the one that does not weigh too much for you, is affordable and produces the most volume of air.

Now visit my other posts or watch my videos youtube.com/askthemowerguy.  This one is on how to decide what chainsaw chain you need.  It’s not one size fits all and bigger in this case might not be better!!  Carlsbad Small Engine


Now lets go shopping:   

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