Harold's Helpful Hints: Get the bad gas out

Get the bad gas out of your engines   I live in the South West, and unless its raining a lot, your not mowing or trimming often enough to keep the engine running well.  The problem is the gas.  It will  begin to evaporate due to the heat, and the ethanol may be sitting in the carb causing havoc on you equipment's fuel systems. If you are having starting issues or it seems to just be sputtering because you have to run you machine on choke, try these simple steps Now, I have told you many times that you need...

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Harold's Helpful Hints: How to pick a leaf blower -By ask the mowerguy and Carlsbad Small Engine


There are many different marketing tricks that companies will be used to get you to choose one brand over another.   Slick designs, a pretty spokesman, ease of this or that. In general all that matters is price,  the weight that you can handle, and what is the maximum volume of air it will blow. I begin by deciding what I can afford.  I can wish all I want for a better tool but unless I have the money, I cant have it.  Secondly, I like to pick it up and handle the blower.  If you have arthritis you might consider...

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Harold's Helpful Hints: Winterize your equipment now and save hundreds later by Carlsbad Small Engine and ask the mower guy

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A cold chill is moving upon us. Nightly a barrage of messages have been flashing on the screen. Schools are shut down, roads closed, and animals start to burrow deep into the earth.  The cold is upon us. The cold weather plays  havoc on small engines. The temperature changes cause carburetors not to work, condensation and water form in the gas tanks and leave deposits blocking ports. Pistons rust and valves stick. Drain out all the gas. I mean all the gas, even the gas in the lines.  Run it until all the gas is out.   How to drain...

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Harold's Helpful Hints: Change your spark politicians just like sparkplugs - often by Carlsbad Small Engine and Ask the Mower Guy

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How do you know when you should replace your favorite politician? This is a pretty common question. I generally answer by saying it’s the same as deciding to change a sparkplug in your mower. That answer seems appropriate seeing how we are in the midst of an election cycle and it is pretty accurate. Now, I am not openly endorsing one party or another, Democrat or Republican. I am not saying any particular candidate new or incumbent may be showing some of the signs it time to replace them. I think this advice may help people decide who to vote...

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